Big-O Tree™ (BOT) is UUe's meter.

As our loop-erasure arguments map, BOT is the chart of operatic behavior. On this graph, each node represents an opus in relation to the fitness workflow of some fret.


Notes (+): + The fitness workflow is the cumulative generation of walks.

+ Although "Big-O" behaves mathematically like big O (limiting behavior of functions), the 'O' in the name is actually for 'opus'.

Standards and related specifications for Big-O Tree are indigenous to the UUelcome Matte. Such specifications help sew our cellular fabric.

Function map: signature (solo) --> BOT --> Pajamas

See also

Analogue: circuit board, neural network


  1. BigOTree



+ Big-O Tree was officially incorporated into the UUelcome Matte in April 2014.

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