Black and White refers to the order and sequence of juker moves within a game. By default, Black moves first (i.e., makes the initial move), and White moves next. Black follows this with a new move or strategy. The notion(s) may also refer to which end of the string a juker chooses to draw: Black takes one endpoint, and White takes the other. In gameplay, Lnq is Black and Joey is White. The establishment of coil is permissible as a game's opening (but this is usually - almost always - done by a juker other than Lnq in a two-player mode in which the impresario is included).


Notes (+): + Lnq is Black by default (every other move belongs to Lnq because he is the controller/house). So, all other jukers (aside from the impresario) are White movers (White, being the 'complement', requires Lnq's signature on all plays).

+ As would be the case in turned-based games, moves are inductive: n, n + 1, et cetera. Even though our games are multiplayer, they are of the two-gamer type because Lnq is always at least one (1) of the jukers, leaving the other juker as a unit (comprised of either a singlet or a team). Lnq plays as both Black and White in solitaire.

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