The formula of cryptocurrency [formalized as the Cryptoquotient (CQ), and also called the Hypocurrency Problem] asks if there exists a crypto exercise (natural, artificial, or heterotic) that, hypostantially, may anchor a hypercurrency alongside which it is demonstrably fit? As a corollary, it seeks to exploit a normalized (1:1) load balance between hyper- and crypto- currencies.

The problem was first posed by Link Starbureiy, who also offered MONEY as its solution. He conjectured that monetary policy can (and should) be kernelized, and settled with juking.


The Cryptoquotient always assumes that there is a hypercurrency beneath which it must rest. Plainly, it is a question of how much (what percentage yield, called the quotient) of the hypocurrency is crypto? In a cybernetic government, which (hypothetically) can supply unlimited fiat monies as hypercurrency, the hypo- portion can remain uncountable iff there exists a mining exercise that can bring about a saturated (100%) load balance.


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Also known as "Cryptocurrency Quotient" in the literature.

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