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Ectobrane is a self-contained bilayered cybernetic membrane affixed to Lnq's forehead and left forearm that simultaneously stores and activates/deactivates the Pajamas. This supradermis is perdurable connective tissue attached to his central nervous system (cf. Cyto) acting as a button for costume (pajamas) assemblage. The film serves a dual purpose: working as both a gobo generator and an echo signal emitter (telephone).


Notes (+):

+ In this case, the skin is a small benign scar responsible for (initiating) the body's self-healing properties, and distributing the costume's self-repair mechanisms.

+ A gobo is a quantum of smart light (i.e., a photon batch adhering to some algorithm).

+ 'Echo signal emitter' means that it regulates any and all sinusoidals. Hence, this is the cyberpath shared with the Stewniverse.

+ All costumes - particularly those of the creatures - are manufactured according to Lnq's thoughts. The process of transforming involves re-allocating pre-specified fibors to some place on and around the body to be printed. The spooler is programmed to output shape and behavioral conformations for each desired outfit.

+ One layer is affixed to the forehead, and the other layer is affixed to the forearm. Together, they anchor functionality, but are not necessarily co-operative.

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