Fruut are a class of transformers sourced from EGP, and translated into the main geometrical primitives: rectangle, circle, and triangle. For identification purposes, we like to say that each shape corresponds to a 'fruit'; respectively: banana (beta sheet), blueberry (alpha helix), and lime (delta valley). The fruut are part of the Stewdio's kit for manipulating the (parameters of) twistor fields so as to establish fibril melody of The Origamic Symphony.

In key signatorial mode, fruut are the tools used for folding stews to derive (arrive at) a fibor.

It is assumed that the shapes are true (i.e., two-dimensional) by default, and can occupy higher dimensions of uuater (world volume).


Notes (+): + It is prerequisite that mathematics begin with primitive notions. Hence, when postulating, we start at some angle and navigate from there.

+ Geometric primitives are called such because they are the building blocks for other forms and shapes.

+ The melody is a secondary actor in stew choreography (i.e., essential for closing an l-string generated from its walk).

+ Rule of thumb: fruut is for folding, and the flageolet is for arrangement.

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