Funshine/Toonlight completes our temporal constitution representing Funday (Funshine + Toonlight) in the Stewniverse.

Funshine is basically any period which is not Toonlight; Toonlight lasts for the duration when Lnq is hibernating. Since he is always in-tune with his dreams, Funshine is congruent to Toonlight, and lasts for the duration of when Lnq is estivating. The purpose behind estivation is that it allows Lnq to update the Pajamas.

Funshine/Toonlight is sequential, but continues indefinitely and without induction. The chronicity of our runtime is infinitary. This guarantees Funday's quotidian makeup - there is no passage from it to another day. Transition(s) between periods are known as 'checkpoints' in gameplay spawnage.


Note (+): In general, Funshine and Toonlight are descriptors for a topic at-hand. Where Funshine provides an illustrative of the topic (cf., axiom/postulate -- front end), Toonlight delves into the details, dissecting all technical specifications (cf., heuristic); in a way providing an écorché (API).

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+ There is no 'sun' or 'moon' to give off solar energy, so to speak -- Lnq shines brightly by self-generating biodegradable photovoltaic batteries via .uue.

+ We say "without induction", however, for the sake of gameplay only, scores are kept on a measure of 86,400 seconds (where one second corresponds to two hyperfine level fluctuations).