Within the order of gameplay, juking is the process of demonstrating, controlling, and/or improvising a particular juke. Someone who does such is called a juker. The appliance for doing such is a jukebox. Pertaining to UUe (via The Origamic Symphony), juking is a form of cryptography, and as such, may be referred to as 'cryptosport'. Time complexity-wise, token duration is in polynomial time (P), with proofing regulated in nondeterministic polynomial time (NP).

According to string ludology, juking is reflexive to Double U economics; making that the foundation of our pursuit.


Notes (+): + Because juking is injective, the juker absolutely keeps what is earned (minus any fees).

+ In some respects, juking is synonymous with stew choreography. We are exploiting twistor classes andjuking helps us to do that.

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