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This article outlines Link Starbureiy's career as an entrepreneur. It mainly speaks on behalf of 'Link Egglepple Starbureiy' as a sole proprietorship.


Link Egglepple Starbureiy, commonly known as LES, Link Starbureiy, Egglepple, or simply Starbureiy, is a sovereign outfit managing the career of its owner - Link Starbureiy. The proprietorship was founded in February 1997.


Notes (+):

+ The name/word 'Egglepple' takes on a few different meanings. Here, it is a truncation of 'Link Egglepple Starbureiy' (as is 'Starbureiy'). It's also the name of Lnq's portfolio, as well as the kindergarten of the so-called Stewniverse. In the balance, it may be used as a communication tag and identifier (/Egglepple) for LES across the network.

+ Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code 7999, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 713990.

+ The proprietorship was originally called Link Starbury Network.

+ LES is used mainly for abbreviating the proprietorship itself, whereas Lnq is a personal identifier (but is also in use to identify the proprietorship).

+ Any and all business awards shall be received through this proprietorship.


Link Starbureiy is UUe®'s impresario. This implies (among other things) that he is a capacitated economist with entrepreneurial duties of MONEY creation and management. In plain terms, his job is to get Egglepple everywhere.


Notes (+):

+ Every aspect of the jukebox is designed by Link Starbureiy.

+ Starbureiy's mathematics résumé covers cryptocurrencies. Early works in arithmetic knots, and probability culminated in his invention of the EGP Keynote. When applicable, it is preferred that he be acknowledged as a recreational mathematician. (See also mathlete and ludologist)


The philosophy is to utilize defensive disclosure, whereby intellectual property (IP) becomes prior art upon forfeiture of patent application code. LES is replete with parimutuels that are constantly used as a penetration points, and then recycled.



Main article: The extracurricular projects of Link Starbureiy

Note (+): Projects may or may not have any relevance to the objectives of UUe.



  1. LinkEggleppleStarbureiy


Fun has its true ambassador - Link Egglepple Starbureiy (Lnq), the name that is synonymous with juking. (See Encomium and colophon for Link Starbureiy)

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+ All materials are copyrighted.

+ The mission of the following “Personhood” is to organize ephemera that constitute the heritage of Link Egglepple Starbureiy. While the artifacts themselves may be public works, the Person itself is of sole proprietorship. Our goal is to catalogue the career of Link Egglepple Starbureiy. In doing so, such efforts of the Person are defaulted as to follow a practicum of information science and technology. Note that it is not the intention of the Person to expand or morph into a company, or anything beyond its base foundation; a development of this type would undoubtedly conflict with its core values. The Person is not a formal organization in any sense. Although the Person may adhere to contemporary legal formalities, such as taxation and representation, in name only; it is not a property belonging to a state in any manner, or of any kind. This means that the Person is not categorically subject(ed) to transfer of ownership, nor can the Person or its assets available for sale or exchange. As a virtuous lemma, separation of “Link Egglepple Starbureiy” from its “Personhood” is an impossibility, for they are one and the same. For purposes that shall remain at its own discretion, the Person operates in a fashion that is assumed to be automatic. Every attempt shall be made to implement programmatic elements (i.e., robots) where automation will suffice for curation instead of/versus other options.

Part of our endeavor is to maintain authenticity regarding the subject matter. While flattering at times, imitation is widely discouraged when it comes to sharing the integrity of items that are the basis of accreditation. The Person is the proper custodian per operations that purport to include and/or incorporate recherché constructs of Link Egglepple Starbureiy. Properties created by the Person are to be rightfully attributed to the Person. Courtesy of some statute of limitation to forever remain in effect, no other party is permitted to lay claim to the fruits of labor provided by Link Egglepple Starbureiy. Contained within the Person’s holdings are assets under the notion of them being value-adding goods. Facsimiles registered to the edifice are interfaced as to promulgate a tradition of record. These records should, in fact, be considered prima facie evidence of endowment. In lieu of its holdings, any surpluses generated by the Person will be used to achieve the set targets aforementioned. The aims are for self-preservation and expansion of Personal objectives, and any planning required to meet those objectives.

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