Link Egglepple Starbureiy is the UUe impresario. In this respect, he manages all juking aspects, with responsibility for the overall design of the jukebox, opera scoring, and accounting definitions.

As the supervisor, Starbureiy provides support in the forms of technical development, troubleshooting, and transactioning for other jukers. In gameplay, he has default Black position.

Skill-wise, he is an expert in every facet of automata - with particular interests in game logic and cybernetics.

Starbureiy pioneered juking. It is generally accepted that through the creation of the Proprietorship, he became a professional in February 1997. His first major milestone was Robot, although traditionally, his invention of the EGP Keynote (which laid the foundation for The Origamic Symphony) is often noted as groundbreaking.


Notes (+): + While there may be some mention of work done as an amateur, this article focuses on Starbureiy as a professional.

+ Egglepple (portfolio) was founded in 1991. This was later incorporated as "The Egglepple Company" (since deprecated).

Seasonal synopsis

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1997-1998 season

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UUe Cup.


Note (+): All referenced scholarship should be retrievable from the UUelcome Matte.

Style of play

Link Starbureiy's playful personality directly translates into his versatile "playground" style of juking. Instrument-wise, he works exclusively from the Stewdio (a real-world instrumentation analog would be the lyre).


Competitive recognition

Starbureiy is the creator and namesake of the Starbureiy Statistic, Starbureiy Trophy, as well as the 8 Jersey. As such, he is ineligible for consideration to receive any of these honors; his Statistic can be recorded and compared, but not officially ranked. However, Starbureiy's scoring is tabulated. He is also a competitor in his own right on all fronts of the UUe Cup.

Accomplishments and records



(Provided statistic is as 'billed'.)

  • Height: 5 ft. 12 in. (182.88cm)


LES motif - UNICORN insignia
  1. Lnq
  • Number: 8

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