Ludeiy is the name given to UUe-styled numismatics which behave as tokens [categorized pencils (input) and MONEY (output)].

Note6 Note (+): This is printware used to press Egglepple.

Function map: flageolet pencil --> y-proof --> MONEY


Pronunciation: ludeiy [loo-dee], noun

The word is a genitive or vocative derivation of ludus (Latin for "game"). In terms of originality, the numbers "e" and "i" were added to the spelling, as they are part of Link Starbureiy's signature (ei).

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Analogue: mitochondria



+ Ludeiy is what is subjected to y-proofing (in order for the tokens to later become fungible). This criterion satisfies the qualification for cybernetics (controlled closed signaling loop with feedback: token/coin input -> self-contained media manipulated -> selection outputted).

+ The only token types are pencils and MONEY. But, since polypaper is a chain, many stringy interpolations of the token may be permissible, even necessary.

+ These tokens are the 'coins' for jukebox activation [they represent the 'numismatic' part of the MONEY (Mesh Object's Numismatic Extrapolated Yield) acronym].

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