As it pertains to juking, an opus [technically, "opus number" as some fraction (1/676) of Stewart] is a finite determinant of a stew choreographical instance resulting in a completed puzzle. Plainly, an opus is the computation of some partition of Egglepple (i.e., work done on a discretized leaf string). Each new opus will commence at the request of a new fitness program, thereby forming a new node on Big-O Tree. The conclusion of an opus expires with its token, and should validate a twistor, which is to then readied for payload registration.


Note (+): An opus may have some overlap with, but often will be of a different genus than a developus.

An opus is a method of cataloging a mathemusical composition (much like with symphonies, operas, regular scores, etc.). Publication assignment give sets of a maximum of twenty-six (26) [corresponding to the varietals of stew, (A-Z)]. For example, a work may be published as "Opus AB, Number 14", where the token - "Number 14" - is the fourteenth iteration of the ballet performed on the l-string, "AB" (the letters of the start and stop leaves, respectively). Each iteration itself may also be nested (e.g., "Opus AB, no.14c").


Note (+): Iterations are basically variations of pencil quantities, and by necessity, cell count. In nesting, we let p stand for 'pencil', and c stand for 'cell'. The opus' title and number remain as is; they are established. The iteration only changes either the pencil or cell count. So, for example (purely meant to be hypothetical and unofficial), let Opus GU, No. 4 have a (830 x 4,116) tab. An iteration of this would be Opus GU, No. 4c2885, where the pencil count (830) is unchanged and the cell count has been reduced to 2,885. Or, we could have Opus GU, No.4p910, where the cell count (4,116) remains unchanged and the pencil count has increased to 910. Again, purely hypothetical.

Function map: l-string --> y-proof --> opus

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