A flageolet pencil (or just pencil) is a one-dimensional curvilinear divisor (line) that is subject to rhetorical arrangement. Thus, a flageolet pencil is stringy by proxy. In some instances, it may be thought of as an edge, link, or residue of yesegalo (cf. 1-brane or 1-leaf).

Flageolet pencils lay the foundation of stew choreography; they are the starting points of intonation, and can be used to draw rays and establish radiuses for which trigonometric aspects are then applied. Pencils may join or split among themselves (this is called interaction).

Flageolet pencils are the motifs of yesegalo (à la "integration-by-parts"). There are twenty-six (26) different varieties of pencil(s). Thus, each pencil is worth one-hundred (100) cents.


Note (+): The twenty-six varieties stem from the fact that The Origamic Symphony spans 26 measures in relation to EGP.

Function map: pencil --> RONALD

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Analogue: monomer


+ By tonal, we mean particularly the octave, which is derived from the harmonic series as the interval between the first two harmonics. [A flageolet-note ≡ harmonic]. The flageolet itself is RONALD.

+ Schematically, (in the case of molecular structure) pencils can illustrate chemical bonds (plus side-chains).

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