A stew is some leaf-wise combinatorially (flageolet plus fruut) weighted cell. Each stew is a quantized monomers of the loopstring (ie., portfolio asset). Stews are measured from twenty-six (26) keys (sourced from EGP), which, when choreographed (as a pencil product called yesegalo), construct a sequenced image mesh.


Notes (+):

+ It is hypothesized that any simulacrum and every simulacrum type folds into its own mesh.

+ "Simulacrum" here is an analogue of a specific polymer, typically a biopolymer (almost always a polypeptide). UUe stereotypes a preimage (some ludeiy configuration) to this image.

Function map: y-proof --> stew


The stew is an invention/specification of Link Starbureiy to outline how to throughput Egglepple in relation to the UUe. This class of UX machinery is the first of it's kind in (the) industry.

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Analogue: protein

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