Stewart℗ is the ring of all six-hundred seventy-six (676) opuses in their entirety. An opera ludo, its score is The Origamic Symphony (TOS ⊆ Stewart), and its libretto is UUhistlegrass.


Note (+): Here, the word 'Stewart' signifies "the art of stew choreography".

The above would make available a system for establishing yesegalo, thus allowing game logic (mining) to reconfigure (via cellular automation) the stew pipeline for sake of fitness. UUe runs this upon juking.


Note (+): We define 'fitness' as the ability to transfer currency across twistor space. Here, it implies a quotient load-balance, particularly on the handicap.

The opera's leitmotif is how Link Egglepple Starbureiy rewrites his own biology to become transhuman.

Function map: Stewart --> Lnq


  1. Stewart

Notes (+)


+ Historically, Stewart is the world's first game-based opera, or at least the world's first operatic event with a ludological underpinning. This is to say that performance is based directly on gameplay.

+ The juking pipeline (as displayed in the Stewdio) is essentially the make up of Stewart, and vice versa.

+ The main works are presented by the impresario, however, the Opera is technically performed by the cyborg/automaton, Lnq. This is done via Jukebox patching and signing.

+ Etymologically, we may say that 'Stew-art' is "the art of stew choreography".


Stewart is cartooned as a musical simulacrum that features Lnq and his creatures interpreting the thematics of The Origamic Symphony.

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