The Origamic Symphony™℗ (TOS) is a musical simulacrum whose composition lies between the Planck and nano scales (known as 'subchemistry'). TOS is scored for the lyre, and reponsive to the calculus of egglepple resonances (imagined as walks).

Resting atop the hypothesis that every geometry is convertible, solvable, and scorable, TOS sequences fibors - doing so by stereotyping egglepple.

The symphony treats the entire portfolio as a (single string) path integral (line) subject to integration (including integration-by-parts = pencils) and derivation. All walks are integrated in twistor space, and output a stew derivative.


Note (+): + The Origamic Symphony is the score of Stewart and Mathilda.

+ Here "origami" is "yesegalo (string) folding". Specifically, it is stew choreography as it applies to the compactification scheme of subchem.

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