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UUe® is the TOS-compatible jukebox. Devised for tuning Egglepple, it uses proprietary tokens to self-generate an economy. The automaton is optimized by an inherent fitness program.


Notes (+): + UUe is an abstract automaton. It qualifies as a jukebox by its rotisserie, with internal operations similar to those of a lyre. Realization of its utility happens via the Stewdio.

+ Because Double U economics mandates that clientele in the (u-u) scheme is part of a supply chain, UUe behaves like a vending machine.

+ Lnq is the (official) mascot of UUe.

+ UUe uses a clopen standards library, meaning that the material is open to modification, but there is a cost (non-gratis) associated with doing so. (See UUelcome License)


The pipeline consists of:

Function map: UUe <==> UUelcome

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Analogue: gene


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+ UUe was founded by Link Starbureiy in 2007 and originally called United Under Economy (hence the initials). There are some references in the literature to it be called 'United Under Egglepple', but those have been marginalized.

+ Every aspect of UUe is designed by Link Starbureiy for the amusement of all.

+ Notice that there are two logos in propagation as being official for UUe. In practice, they are both valid and used interchangeably. The house/hut logo is used more for 'UUelcome'™ (as in "UUelcome Home" garb), whereas the (azure and gold colored) U U e is strictly for the jukebox itself.

+ The Stewdio is the initial state of the automaton.

+ Insofar as money markets are concerned, UUe may be considered (as) a fungible commodities exchange portal. [See hypercurrency]

+ As its own sporting association, UUe becomes a directory of jukers. [See UUe (association)]

+ The word is a noun and is pronounced "whey" [differentiated from "uui" (wee), "uua" (wa), and "uuy" (wy)].

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