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UUelcome™ is UUe's fugue. This is the jukebox's payload (cassette + certificate + token)s, and our assortment of game logic (proof + tonic), shaping l-string (called the pitch) which directly contribute to the twist economy. The purpose of the fugue (exposition + development + recapitulation) is for game expression.


Notes (+): + (vocabulary) To a large respect, the word is a portmanteau of 'UUe' and 'chromosome'.

+ The juker will sequence meshes from yesegalo construction.


UUelcome is also the name of the complementary program (what we mean by 'gameshow') that is produced by Link Starbureiy. The demonstrative is a reinvestment back into the automaton. This happens with the flow of the vector.

Function map: UUe --> UUelcome

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Analogue: genome


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+ UUelcome is augmented by the pajamas.

+ Theatrically, UUelcome is a gameshow. Usually, when we talk about seasons in relation to the program, we are talking mainly about development cycles of the automaton itself, not necessarily some accumulation of episodes. However, when mentioning 'seasonal commemoration', that can be taken to mean a set/group/series.

+ On a source level, we are modeling a cell whose machinery is hedged at stations (cf. cellular automaton), much like with actual biology. In genetics, the entirety of an organism's hereditary information (i.e., the totality of its genes) is called its genome. Similarly, in protein science, the proteome is the entire set of proteins expressed by that organism. UUelcome would be the total expression of twistors.

The name 'uuelc-ome' is suggested from chromosome (-soma, body).

+ The difference between the logo for UUe and the logo for UUelcome (even though they both satisfy representing the Jukebox) is that the house/hut logo locates the arcade directory and is to signify that "uue are all under the same roof", so to speak.

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