The UUelcome Matte© is UUe's interface presenting the formal publication of UUelcome content, known as UUhistlegrass.


The UUelcome Matte has a permanent record with the Library of Congress in the United States of America, as through an issued International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).

That number is: ISSN 2165-6738

Furthermore, that same record is catalogued by WorldCat with the following catalog number: OCLC 774054633

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+ UUelcome Matte was originally titled 'UUelcome Editions'. The name and registration (with the Library of Congress) was changed to 'UUelcome Matte' in April 2014.

+ Inventions of all sorts that are introduced by Link Starbureiy will be included in the UUelcome Matte. These include ludological as well as theoretical innovations (e.g., 'technical papers'). It was decided long ago that the patent process was too cumbersome and expensive, so all such publications shall utilize defensive disclosure, whereby they become prior art upon forfeiture of patent application code. (See Link Egglepple Starbureiy (proprietorship)).

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