Yesegalo is any polymeric chain of stews (i.e., an alphabetized sequence of integers) occupying the leaves between (and including) the reading frames (u,u). Colloquially, we call it bamboo, and say that it is a "pencil arpeggio". This is a game's opening (its initial move, alongside coil determination).

Yesegalo is the quanta of an overall folding that is specific (non-migrant) to egglepple. Each chain is a twistor subject to encryption.


Note (+): Traditionally, 'origami' is "paper folding". However, from our point-of-view, origami is "yesegalo (string) folding". The 'paper' in this instance refers to UUhistlegrass, as we are using site-based (virtual) sheets to dictate the folding process.

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